With a bundle of recorders in his pockets and bagpipes from Centre France on his back, always alert to the four elements (trad, rock, jazz, baroque) he leads with his instrument a virtuoso danse on the brim of the great cauldron of traditionnal musics but never knows which side he is going to fall : this is Christophe Sacchettini.

Equipped with a screwdriver and a jeweller’s magnifying glass, he tirelessly takes apart and puts together again, scrutinizes and sculpts his three diatonic accordions, in search of the melody that will hold you, the chord that will caress you, the note that will sparkle : this is
Jean-Loup Sacchettini.

FRÈRES DE SAC is beyond the melting of these two
ardent tempers ; it is a deeply rooted twosome with a foot in folk dance evenings, an other in concerts and a third one in fest nozes. The result is a sound intermingling, silky and smooth in turn, woven every night to be more charming every morning. It is a duet out of three people :
a harmony player – composer who uses his instrument as a great organ, a tightrope walker – improviser who looks for the never ending variation, and the dancing or listening but always colluding audience. It is a friendly kidnapping of the Breton, Swedish, Auvergne’s or Occitan’s heritage, for a search of nowadays European traditional music.
It is a secret desire to take you to discover

  Artistic Team

diatonics accordions

rcorders, bagpipes of Centre France

Richard BENETRIX: sound engineer